How To Turn Cold Leads Into Hot Opportunities

by Russ Stephens | Mar 10, 2020

Are you tired of spending more and more money on advertising to generate fresh leads for your salespeople? 

Because the enquiries that previously came in have gone cold, and are no longer interested in building with you... Which means the cost of generating a sale keeps rising, and as a consequence, your margins keep dropping.

What if you could reignite interest in your building company from previous enquiries that you assumed were dead?

Sales trainers refer to this as ‘Following Up’...but it’s not about ‘just checking in’. It’s about re-engaging your list, with purpose. And, when you do this, you can increase your sales, without spending more money on advertising.

Be There Before They Need A Builder

According to a report by the RAIN Group, 62% of consumers want to hear from builders while they are researching their options. 

The economy will always expand and contract, so blaming it for a lack of sales is like blaming the sea for drowning you after you've gone out in a storm. But, when you have more opportunities than you need, you'll be insulated from the ebb and flow of the economy, and you'll always be able to generate the sales you need.

So, stop wasting money on more advertising to generate new enquiries. And start following up the leads in your CRM by following a simple process that utilises phone, SMS and email! When you do this, you'll reignite interest in your building company, from leads you previously assumed were dead.

Turn Cold Leads Into OpportunitiesPeople Don't Answer A Phone That Doesn't Ring

One of the biggest myths in our industry is that no one answers the phone anymore. Truth is, no one answers a phone that doesn't ring. And, because builders are making fewer outbound calls, connection rates are actually increasing. 

So, don’t listen to those salespeople that tell you the leads are not interested in building. Instead, listen to the high performing builders that are systematically following up every lead by calling them…

Here are some tips that may help you.

Start Following Up Now

First, remember the basics. The more you follow up, the luckier you will be. That means take action today.

Inaction leads to doubt and fear. Whereas, action leads to confidence and courage. If you want to conquer the fear of calling people that may reject you or your building company, then pick up the phone and start dialling. Because the longer you neglect your sales pipeline, the more desperate you become… And clients can smell a desperate builder…

How To Turn Cold Leads Into Opportunities

So, to avoid heading into a tailspin, you need to set aside a regular time each week for ‘following up’ your old leads that are not part of your current list of ‘live opportunities’, that you are already in regular contact with. We call these blocks of time ‘power hours’ and the goal is to be totally focused on making as many calls as possible within a 60-minute timeframe. The importance of sticking to a regular schedule implementing power hours is supported by the ‘30-day rule’.

The 30-day rule states that the following up you did in the last 30 days, will pay off over the next 90 days. So, if you find yourself in a desperate situation where you only have a few ‘decent’ opportunities that may progress to a contract but are currently stalling… Then, the chances are, you weren't putting in the hard yards 3-4 months ago to create more fresh opportunities for your sales pipeline.As a consequence, you’re now spending your time ‘checking in’ on opportunities that have no urgency or desire to get started on building their new home in the immediate future. 

So, remember the 30-day rule and stick to a regular schedule of power hours each week.

"The price of success must be paid in full, in advance."
- Brian Tracy

So, what if you could reignite interest in your building company from previous enquiries that you assumed were dead? Would it help you to increase your sales without spending more money on advertising?

A lot of custom home builders like you thought it would, so that’s why we are offering free marketing strategy sessions to new home builders.

When you have the right strategy, your building company will have more opportunities than you need... So you can increase your sales without spending more money on advertising.

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