How To Qualify Your Leads

by Russ Stephens | Mar 17, 2020

How many times have you worked with a potential client that seemed dead keen to build with you… Only to sign a contract with another builder?

How could you have known they were speaking to your competition?

What could you have done differently that would have persuaded them to build with you?

Every missed opportunity weakens your building company and makes your competition stronger. And, if you miss out on too many of these opportunities, then you could be heading towards some severe cash-flow problems in the not too distant future.

What if you could maximise every opportunity that comes your way by qualifying your prospects on the very first phone call? You could identify the best prospects, and take them out of the market early while leaving the time-wasters to your competition…

Qualify Your Prospects On The First Phone Call

Fact is, you only have 5 minutes to connect with a prospect before they mentally move on. Which is why Professional Builders qualify every new lead by listening to their them intently. While AVERAGE builders immediately disqualify prospects simply because they don't have, or know, their budget…

Qualify Your LeadsSo, stop chatting with your prospects, and start qualifying them on the very first phone conversation... When you do this, you'll eliminate time-wasters, and uncover the information that will enable you to turn prospects into clients.

One of the biggest myths in our industry is that you’ll appear desperate if you follow up with a prospect too quickly, and you'll annoy them if you follow up too often. Truth is, speed matters and the builder that responds the quickest to a new enquiry is the most likely to eventually win the contract. This is because a fast response to new enquiry creates a great first impression and leaves a lasting positive response. 

So, don’t listen to the voice in your head that says, “I'll call them later, so I don’t look desperate”. Instead, get on the front foot and take the best prospects out of the market fast!

Here are some tips that may help you.

Build Rapport With Your Prospects

First, build rapport!

Rapport building is especially important on the very first phone call, or meeting, so don’t rush it. Make sure you have some easy ice-breaking questions up your sleeve to get the conversation going. 

There is not a set amount of time you need to spend on rapport, it needs to be as long as it needs to be, and the amount of time you invest building rapport will depend on the personality type you're dealing with. Use rapport building to find commonalities between you and the prospect. We like people that like us, and more importantly, are ‘like us’. So, look for clues and remember, you never get a second chance at a first impression!

Ask The Right Questions At The Right Time

Another thing to remember is that sequence matters. Which means it’s important to ask the right questions, in the right order.

Qualifying Your Leads

There is little point in asking the ‘budget’ question at the beginning of the meeting. When you do that, you are sending a clear signal to the prospect that you are not interested in them, their fears or desires, and you are only interested in making a sale. Budget is important, but before you get there, you need to build rapport, demonstrate authority and build trust. Only then will the prospect feel comfortable enough to share their innermost thoughts regarding their personal finances. 

However, regardless of where you are in the qualifying process, the best way to identify the best prospects is by using ‘active listening’. The questions on your qualifying sheet should not be used as an insurance form. Where you are ticking boxes and moving onto the next question as quickly as possible.

Listen to what the prospect is saying! Dig deeper into their answers, pause when they finish talking giving them a chance to continue further into their original answer, encourage them to open up by using lines such as, “tell me more”. When you listen to a prospect long enough, they will eventually give you all the information you need to move them to the next step in your sales process.

"The less you say the smarter you sound"

So, what if you could maximise every opportunity that comes your way, by qualifying your prospects on the very first phone call? Would it help you to identify the best prospects, and take them out of the market early?

A lot of custom home builders like you thought it would, so that’s why we are offering free marketing strategy sessions to new home builders.

When you have the right strategy, you'll eliminate time-wasters and uncover the information that will enable you to turn prospects into clients. So you can identify the best prospects and take them out of the market early… While leaving the time-wasters for your competition to deal with…

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