How To Follow Up Your Leads

by Russ Stephens | Mar 24, 2020

Are you tired of forever chasing up prospects who were once excited about building a custom home, but now they won't answer your call?

From the moment an enquiry is made, a consumer will go slightly colder every day... At some point, they will procrastinate and will be unable to decide to move forward.

What if you knew what to say to keep the prospect excited and maintain momentum?

Experts refer to this as ‘Advancing The Sale’. And, when you use this technique in your building company, you'll shorten the sales cycle and convert more leads into clients.

According to The Brevet Group, 80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls after the meeting and yet incredibly, 44% of builders give up after just 1 follow-up attempt! Which is why Professional Builders use a documented process, containing templates & scripts when following their sales opportunities.  

So, stop 'checking in' with your prospects and start advancing the sale... When you do this, you'll shorten the sales cycle and convert more leads into clients.

Fast Follow Up Leads To Results

One of the biggest myths in our industry is that you’ll appear desperate if you follow up with a prospect too quickly, and annoy them if you follow up too often. Truth is, speed matters and the builder that responds the quickest to a new enquiry is the most likely to eventually win the contract. This is because a fast response to new enquiry creates a great first impression, and leaves a lasting positive response. 

So, don’t listen to the voice in your head that says “I'll call them later, so I don’t look desperate”. Instead, get on the front foot and take the best prospects out of the market fast!

Here are some tips that may help you.

Check Your KPI's & Set Goals

How To Follow Up Your LeadsFirst of all, establish the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for each stage in your sales process. These KPI’s will correlate to how you take a new enquiry through to contract. When you know what you are measuring, set quarterly targets and update your numbers weekly. 

As part of your month-end process, you can review your numbers and identify where your sales funnel may be underperforming. Then, every quarter you can perform an in-depth review of the numbers and identify what needs to be changed in terms of marketing, advertising, the offer, or the scripts, to improve the overall conversion rate from a lead to a contract.

The 3x3 Strategy

Once you have your sales process mapped out, it’s important to maximise your opportunities by following them up. To do this, use the 3x3 strategy, which involves reaching out 3 times through 3 different channels.

How To Follow Up Your Leads-2The first channel is the good old fashioned phone. Always start by calling the prospect, and if you don’t get through send a text message AND an email. Not all phone calls get answered, not all emails get opened, and not all text messages get replies. However, when you use all 3 at the same time you’ll significantly increase your chances of getting the attention of your ideal client. 

The next day, if you’ve not had a response do it all again…And if you still don’t get a response, repeat the process on day 3 but with one big difference…

We call it the goodbye call because you need to make it very clear to your prospect that you won’t be following up anymore. So, if they are serious about getting started on designing their dream home, now would be a good time to book in for a chat.This strategy will help you to avoid experiencing a false sense of security from having a pile of ‘live opportunities’ in your sales funnel that will probably never move forward.

Always make your ‘goodbye calls’ professional and assumptive. We are not trying to alienate prospects here because they may have upset our feelings by ‘ghosting us’.We are simply encouraging them to stop procrastinating and instead, take action. 

"How do you get a sales person to stop working? Put a phone in front of them."
- Unknown

So what if you knew what to say to keep the prospect excited and maintain momentum?

Would it help you to shorten the sales cycle and convert more leads into clients?

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