How To Create A Great First Impression

by Russ Stephens | Mar 03, 2020

Are you standing out from your competition? 

Or are you saying the same thing as every other custom home builder in your area? Honest… Quality work… Been in business since xxxx...

Your prospects are not interested in you, they are only interested in themselves! So, if you’re not getting their attention, you’re letting potential clients slip through your fingers.  

What if you had a system for making a great first impression with every new prospect? Marketing experts refer to this as ‘Indoctrination’. And, when you indoctrinate your prospects, you'll generate more qualified sales opportunities from your new leads.

Indoctrinate With Emails

According to a study by Epsilon Email Institute, automated email messages get 70% higher open rates and 152% higher click-through rates than email blasts to the database. Which means the first emails you send to a new prospect can effectively make or break your building company.

And, while average builders respond to every new enquiry by talking about themselves, professional builders connect with their new leads at a much deeper level, by talking about the prospect.

Are you standing out in a crowd, or do you appear like 'just another builder'?

Stop trying to sell your services to every new prospect that reaches out to you, and start helping them by answering their questions. When you do this, you'll generate more qualified sales opportunities from your existing leads.

One of the biggest myths in our industry is that when a prospect makes contact, you need to convince them that you are honest, reliable and affordable. The truth is, at this stage, the prospect is less interested in your building company and more interested in getting answers to their questions. Reason being, right now they have reached out to another 3-6 builders searching for information. 

In short, at this stage, they are focused on what needs to be done rather than who will do it. So, don’t ruin that crucial first impression by talking about yourself… Instead, build a relationship by providing valuable information to your prospect. 

Here are some tips that may help you.

Maximise Your Communication Opportunities

First, it’s important to understand who your new leads are so that you can prioritise your follow-ups better.

The very first email you send a new lead will have the highest chance of being read, so make sure you maximise this opportunity by opening up other channels to communicate.

Create A Great First ImpressionIf the prospect requests a callback you’ll have the option to call and text, in addition to emailing them in the future to remain in contact. If you invite them to like your Facebook page you can re-target them with content very cost-effectively. And, if you find them on LinkedIn, a connection will open up another communication channel for you.

In today's world, there are many ways to communicate with a prospect, and if you limit yourself to just one or two, you will struggle to develop a relationship.   

Focus On Providing Relevant Information 

Next, it’s important to become the provider of information as this will differentiate your building company from all the others out there.

At the early stages of a buyer's journey, they are gathering information, researching floor plans, searching forums and consuming articles and videos online. If you wait until a prospect has completed their initial research and are now looking for builders, you’re already too late...  

A prospect that has their own plans drawn up and is looking for a builder is simply looking for the lowest price. Builders, to these people, are nothing more than commodities. You need to be looking for clients long before they start looking for builders!

So, your initial ‘indoctrination’ emails to a new lead should provide links to useful resources on websites, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Ideally, this will be content you have already created, but if you’ve not created your own content library then don’t be afraid to link to useful information created by others… Just not your competitor's stuff! 

Be Clear About Who, What & Why

However, the important part of indoctrinating your prospects is to make sure they understand who you are, what you do and why you do it. People buy from people, not companies, so it’s important to personalise your building company.

Make A Great First ImpressionAs the owner, you are the face of your building company... However uncomfortable that makes you feel, the reality is you need to make this relationship personal, so tell your story. Explain how you got started in building, why you enjoy it so much, your core values. It’s not a life story, just enough to give some context around why you do what you do. Also, be sure to cover your niche and your unique selling proposition. 

This is not about bland ‘me too’ statements declaring you are honest, trustworthy and build new homes, decks, offer remodelling services or do commercial and industrial work. It’s about clearly defining why you are the only viable option for the prospect if they are ‘your ideal client’ and are looking to build ‘your niche’. Because when you do this, not only will you draw your ideal client closer towards you, you’ll also repel those leads that are of no interest to you, which will save you time.

So, what if you had a system for making a great first impression with every new prospect?

Would it help you to generate more qualified sales opportunities from your new leads?

A lot of custom home builders like you thought it would, so that’s why we are offering free marketing strategy sessions to new home builders.

When you have the right strategy, you’ll stand out from the crowd and avoid appearing like 'just another builder'. So you can generate more qualified sales opportunities from your new leads.

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